Friday, October 20, 2017

Pumpkins, Mums, Corn, and more at Stein's

I have a pure autumn post for you guys! You might remember my photos from Stein's Garden and Home last year. Well, I took a ton more this year. It was such a beautiful, sunny day. So I was happy with what the light was doing for the pumpkins and flowers.

The Guardian of the Gate:

Isn't that the perfect blue sky to go with the orange pumpkins?

Some, cool twisted stems:

I was lucky to get these shots, because it looks like Stein's has been doing well this year. As in, they were mostly sold out! Also, there were a couple guys loading up pumpkins as I took these pics. I overheard one saying "We're going to need 48 of them". So I was lucky to see the pumpkins before they went away! It also proved quite the challenge avoiding these guys, so they wouldn't be in my shots. They seemed to need the pumpkins I was photographing no matter where I moved. Maybe I was drawing too much attention to the good ones. 😉

I called this one "Bert" as in Bert and Ernie:

How dramatic is this corn stalk, reaching up to the sky? Again, I love it with the blue sky.

Little cuties:

There are some irregular ones here. I just noticed one on the top row that would be perfect for a skull design!

As you can see, they had the cool ceramic Halloween characters back in stock.

We're onto my favorite photos from the day! I hadn't seen such a variety of Indian Corn there in the past. These colors are so beautiful! Some of them look like painted glass.

Look at those colors!

I'd like to have each of these kernels in bead-form. I think a necklace made of beads that looked like these kernels would be so pretty!

This photo is my favorite of the bunch! That bottom Indian Corn reminds me of Candy Corn. I almost typed "Candy Corn" instead of Indian Corn. Those stripes are so cool!

Here's a bit of trivia I just learned. Some people call this "Flint Corn" because there is an outer layer on the kernels that is super tough, so tough that it's compared to flint. It's there to protect the softer tissue inside of the kernel.

And I called these The Candy Corn mums, because of the three colors they arranged together.

I love the way the light hit right in the middle of these flowers.

A photobombing sweat bee!

Here's a giant bunch with colors I hadn't seen before. I'm used to seeing mums in just one color. These have an almost dried flower look.

These were in with the ornamental peppers, which is actually what they're listed as. They're just so tiny, it's hard for me to think of them as peppers! These little guys are called "Hot Pops" which makes them sound like candy. They kind of look like candy.

These are appropriately named "Explosive Blast".

I'm not sure what Stein's was calling these carrot-like peppers. I didn't see a sign for them.  The internet in general is calling them Thai Peppers and some people are selling them as "Santos".

I like them next to those magenta flowers.

These peppers are called "Masquerade" although I'm not sure why.

There were a bunch of happy scarecrows for sale outside.

Along with these goofballs. I like the hair on that one in the back!

These are my favorite pumpkins - The Cinderella:

I've always thought they were named this because they look like Cinderella's coach. If you image wheels on this pumpkin.

Royalty Pumpkins - They might be named this because they look like mini-Cinderella pumpkins?

Casper Pumpkins:

More pumpkins were inside, but they were of the velvet variety.

It's hard to tell the scale of things in photos, but this was super tiny!

Ghoulie Skeleton Girl:

This spider was woven from bent sticks I think.

This is the display by the front door. Lots of metal and rustic decorations here.

And back outside, this is the Stein's sign that welcomes you in.

I'm pretty sure Stein's stores are only in Wisconsin, but let me know if there's anything like this where you are! I'd love to do a little virtual shopping in some of your local shops.

If you'd like to revisit my previous Stein's trips, here are those photos:

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Those 2016 pics look like I took them on a cloudy day, but 2015 is sunny. I wonder what happened to the giant foam pumpkin I photographed in 2015? That was pretty cool!